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Class Actions

The Firm is involved presently in two class actions:

One against Kevin Hornsby, Men's Medical  Clinic, Florida Men's Medical Clinic, and others for fraud and other grounds in overcharging Medicare patients for services.

Another class action against Taurus for manufacturing unsafe and defective guns and pistols.  SETTLED FOR 39 MILLION DOLLARS.

Century Internalization Arms, Corp., Class action against company for faulty design in safety selector, causing accidental discharge.  Claim includes all AK-47s and rifles with full auto safety design.

Please contact us if you wish to be part of the class action. 

In addition, if you feel you may have a claim against a company you feel may lead to a class action, contact us now.

We are presently investigating class actions against another gun manufacturer, For-Profit colleges, and Re-sellers of credit information.